Tots Program

It was about 5 years ago that I was asked to help out at a Tots session in Alexandria Virginia. My first thought was... “These people are crazy, 2, 3, and 4 year olds can’t play soccer!” My second thought was... “There is no way that this will be any fun.” I was most certainly... Continue Reading →


How do we transfer learning from training to the game?

How can we get players to apply what they learn in practice to a game? There is a major shift in coaching methodology taking place in the soccer world in the United States right now. This shift started when researchers and coaches decided to take a close look at how players transfer what they learn... Continue Reading →

Season Plans

One of the best ways to plan a quality session is by planning out the entire season. Training sessions are the most critical part of any soccer program, without efficient sessions aligned to tactical goals then the games are just a mess. Training sessions are the most important aspect that our coaches must master. A... Continue Reading →

Style of Play

Style of play is the manifestation of a set of principles used to guide attacking, defending and transition moments over the course of a game and season. Barcelona during the past 12 years has had an attacking style of play guided by these principles: create numerical superiority in every part of the field, and keep... Continue Reading →

Switching the Point of Attack

Switching the point of attack is a strategy that players use to play away from pressure, break pressure and advance the ball. What does a coach mean when he/she says to switch the point of attack? The basic premise of switching the point of attack is to create space faster than the opponent can deny... Continue Reading →

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